Fans of hip hop superstar Drake have a new place in Toronto to meet the actor, basketball lover, Apple spokesman and ambassador of the Jordan brand. Then now, the Canadian rapper Drake has also opened a restaurant in his hometown.

Pick6 Restaurant is a collaboration between Drake’s record label Ovo and the restaurant group of Montreal-cook Antonio Park. The expansive menu presents a mixture of Oriental and Western dishes including dishes such as carrot and dried beef papaya salad, bolognese and lobster lasagna, and an assortment of caviar sushi.

The latest spot in the financial district of the city boasts 178 seats, an impressive patio (with space for more than 100 guests) and a VIP room with its own champagne bar. The restaurant is a cross between a casual restaurant, upscale lounge and a sports bar. The space offers an unparalleled, bold and energetic atmosphere for guests to enjoy.
The three private rooms for private parties are particularly stylish. Two of them can be combined into one large room. At the back of it is the third private room, called the VVIP room. That’s where Drake will probably be and where he can invite his friends.

The restaurant in downtown Toronto was designed by the Rotterdam design studio Horeca Moodmakers. The interior – including parquet floors, Neo Marquina marble work and peacock-blue chairs – was provided by Kroeze Interieur. A nice piece of Dutch Design and international cooperation.

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Drake at Pick6 Restaurant in Toronto